Day 7 May 27,2018 I had to help one on my mom's friends son read because he was having some difficulty in reading. I had to teach him for a week. By doing this it made me feel happy because i was helping someone  and that made me feel really good about myself. His parents were very happy and grateful that i said yes to help teach their son to read.
Day 6 May 26,2018 My parents decided to go to the temple. At the temple it was pretty crowded.We went around and prayed While I was waiting for my parents to come back, a man who works at the temple approaches me and my sister. He asked us to help him to serve the food because there was a lot of people at the temple and because he really needed the help. Me and my sister agreed to help him. He was very grateful that we said yes to helping him. By doing it made me feel really happy inside.
Day 5 May 25,2018 I volunteer at the library two times a month. Over there I help seniors out with the technology. I help them out with the devices they bring. They ask me the questions about their device. I show them how to use it and help them understand what each app does. So when they leave the library they leave with a smile on their face because they learned something new.
Day 4 May 24,2018 It was career day at another school. I decided to volunteer there because they needed some volunteers. In this event people with different jobs such as a police officer, a contracting engineer, a nurse, etc. All the volunteers were assigned to one of the guests and had to help them around the school and take them to the classroom they were supposed to be in so they can get ready to talk to the students about their job. The person i was assigned to was a contracting engineer. There was some problems with logging in and connecting to the internet but I helped him with it. He was very grateful for me helping him I felt happy because i did something kind.
Day 3 May 23,2018 When I coming back home from school I saw this elderly who was on a wheel chair trying to open the door so she can get into the building. I opened the door for her so she can go in. I did this because I saw that she was having some trouble so I decided to help her. By doing this it made feel really happy because I helped someone who needed the help.
Day 2 May 22,2018 On this day I went to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries with my mom. While my mom went to check out the items. I decided to go to McDonald's to buy something because I was starving. After I finished ordering the lady beside me dropped all her coins. I helped her pick up all the coins that dropped and gave it back her. I felt really good by doing this. She also felt happy and thanked me.